Notice of Amendment to Belca Soft Corporation Master Services Agreement.

Issued: November 29, 2023
We are making changes to the legal agreements that govern your relationship with Belca Soft Corporation, or RigER Inc. and apply to one or more RigER products and services you use.
We encourage you to carefully review the notice below so that you are familiar with these upcoming changes.
To review the updated Master Services Agreement, please click here.
There is no further action needed from you as these changes will take place automatically on the Effective Date shown below. If you continue to use our products and services on or after December 11, 2023, you are agreeing to the updated RigER Master Services Agreement. In the event you prefer to decline these changes and terminate the services, you can do so prior to the Effective Date by providing the written notice.
Effective Date: December 11, 2023
The updates include:
  • Client responsibilities re: RigER Access Credentials
  • Details on what constitutes the prohibited uses of RigER
  • New Schedule on RigER Products
Thank you for using RigER products and services.
To review version of Master Service Agreement valid till December 11, 2023 click here.