Belca Soft Corporation Announces Corporate Name Change to RigER Corporation

Calgary, 22 of January 2024 — Belca Soft Corporation, a leading provider of innovative software solutions, proudly announces a significant milestone in its corporate history as it undergoes a name change. Effective immediately, the company will be known as RigER Corporation, aligning its identity with its flagship product, RigER, emphasizing a dedication to convenience and clarity for its users and clients.
“In a strategic move designed to consolidate our brand identity and enhance market recognition, we have decided to change the name of our company,” stated Michael Maltsev, CEO of RigER Corporation. “This decision, was driven by the need to ensure that the name of our product aligns with that of our company.”
Belca Soft Corporation has long been recognized for its flagship product, RigER, a solution synonymous with efficiency and innovation in the oil and gas sector. However, the company acknowledges the potential confusion that may arise from having different names for the product and the corporation. As a company that values transparency and clear communication, the decision to align the names seeks to eliminate any possible sources of confusion.
“We fully understand that having different names for our product and the company can potentially lead to confusion. As a company that values transparency and clear communication, we saw the need to eliminate this possible source of confusion,” continued Maltsev.
This strategic alignment of the product and corporate names is envisioned to create a more cohesive and unified brand identity. RigER Corporation believes that this crucial change will not only enhance its recognition within the competitive market but will also pave the way for building stronger, more meaningful relationships with users and clients.
While the company name is changing, clients can expect the same level of dedication, expertise, and excellence in service that they have come to associate with Belca Soft Corporation. RigER Corporation will continue to focus on providing software solutions that optimize operations, improve decision-making processes, and drive operational excellence for businesses in the oil and gas sector.
About RigER Corporation:
RigER Corporation is a leading provider of oilfield service and equipment rental management software solutions. With a commitment to innovation, RigER Corporation empowers businesses in the Oilfield Services industry to streamline their operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. RigER’s comprehensive suite of software tools and resources caters to the evolving needs of the energy sector, making it a trusted partner for organizations seeking to thrive in a competitive marketplace.
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