About BelcaSoft

Belca Soft Corporation is a management consulting and software development company based in Calgary, Alberta. We use our extensive expertise in oil & gas industry to provide qualified consulting services in a timely and professional manner at the same time maximizing customer value. We quickly discovered a lack of functionality needed by the Oilfield Industry and addressed those needs. Since the company’s establishment we’ve solved a bunch of real businesses problems and delivered efficient software solutions that enforce the day to day operations of our clients.
The main asset of our company is a dedicated team of professionals with a wide base of technical and application expertise, all committed to providing excellent customer service. The business analysts, software architects, programmers and consultants partner work closely with our clients to uncover key business needs and pain points, develop software solutions, and ensure effective and efficient implementation, as well as long-term support.
We build custom software for clients who need an internal system, are commercializing an idea, or are integrating with other software. Our goal is to make oilfield businesses more efficient at what they do and gain confidence to make profitable moves in their industry. We take the time to truly understand our customers’ business and their objectives.
Our Vision
Democratize oilfield Services industry’s access to the latest technology.
Our Mission
RigER enables scalable growth through operational excellence by bringing tailored digital solutions.

Our core values:

One piece of software better than two parts. No double entries!
Custom Solutions
Clients Receive Only What They Need
Flexible Prices
Affordable Customization
Paperless Enterprise
New Technologies and ECO Solutions – Faster Processing
We treat our clients as our partners
ROI, Cash Flow and Performance Focus! We Proud That Our Solutions Support Business Growth.

Staff BIO

Michael Maltsev
“My definition of success is focus and speed. It’s really hard to focus nowadays, many destructions around. Set your priorities and stay focus! Don’t think too much, act too much! I consider speed of action or number of attempts as the main competitive advantage of our company. I know that we will do more!”
Tatiana Artemyeva,
“As far as RigER is a rapidly growing company, my work involves a lot of research and analysis. All our accounting is done in RigER and that allows us to speak one language with clients and constantly make improvements to our software. Every day I learn something new and that’s the best part of my job. “
Nikolai Korniyuk
Chief Business Development Officer
“I feel extremely lucky to work everyday with people that are smart, challenging, and fun. The teamwork within the company is fantastic. Everyone helps each other to get tasks finished ensuring that each customer gets the quality of service they deserve“
Oleg Kasyan
Software Development Lead
“It’s amazing to work for some time on the software application that people will use every day and rely on. It’s very gratifying to feel that my work is important for users to be confident and secure in their business. It’s just a really good feeling. Every day with BelcaSoft Team we successfully overcome the challenges our client face“
Arsen Harutyunyan,
Software Consultant​
“Every single person at RigER is a professional from whom you can learn a thing or two. And when this team comes together to work on a task – it gets done in most rational and efficient way possible. We strive to make the jobs of our clients easier by providing the correct solutions and thus far it’s been working great.”
Indre Kringelyte
Support Technician
“RigER is a fast-pace company. I love to work as a Support Technician because it can be quite rewarding, the aspect I personally enjoy the most is the direct interactions with users and the satisfaction I get when I can solve the issue, educate the user “Briefly” to prevent re-occurrences, basically, Customer satisfaction.“

Thank You – Our Clients

We are continually striving to improve the software, offering our customers exciting new features to maximize the functionality of the platform.

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  • Prepare customizable solution
  • Implement enhancements
  • High class support on every step
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